Production notes

The textile industry is well known for scandals related to slave-like practices, no labor rights and high environmental destruction. Companies perform marketing campaigns that reduces the art of fashion to consumerism and devoid of any moral value.

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First steps

When I came across the project undertaken by Fundación Emotiva, I discovered there was an opportunity to address this issue in a positive and constructive approach. I decided to propose a range of ideas to show my vision of how important is our decisions as consumers. This ethical fashion company was a clear example of “social business”, a new business model which advances from the well-known corporate social responsibility, and offers nongovernmental institutions and companies a way of reaching their goals through a positive social change. The ultimate goal of this documentary is to show both the ethical fashion industry and new business models based on the common good.


Ethical fashion companies

The documentary shows a wide range of committed companies: designers, producers, employees and retailers.

All these companies are formed by people who are working with the ethics as the center of their business model, without sacrificing economic sustainability.

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